The sound I created for "Patience" includes a recording of the air rushing out of a compressor hose, the background sound of a tire shop, the recorded sounds of a water container dropping and beginning to spill. The recorded container looked a lot like the one in the video! Added to the environmental sounds was a drum track that I recorded of percussionist Adam Neese who watched the video while composing at the drum kit. Because the track we selected lined up nearly but not perfectly with the video, I applied some time stretching while editing the audio and before merging the audio into the video.


There’s nothing like using a disgusting bathroom as the scene of a self-directed, self-produced and self-filmed short. Shotgun microphones were used to record the sound of water trickling and gurgling in the bathroom that is depicted in the film. When actor Chris Costelanos opened the door of the music building, the sounds of the college choir were immediately heard. That was the inspiration for choosing a snippet from the Hallelujah Chorus when the young man finally approaches an available bathroom. Snippets of Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony with certain sinister qualities were selected to anticipate the encounter with the un-sanitary old guy and to heighten the tension of whether the young man should touch the exit door handle.

Ben and Penélope go to the beach.

In order to draw several elements of sound for picture together, I selected this short scene from the movie Elegy and replaced all of its audio. Voiceovers were carefully recorded and matched. Waves and gulls on the beach were recorded as background. And I recorded and performed a short flute piece entitled “Song Without Words” by Richard S. Williams. Inspired by stories of the early multi-track recording done by Les Paul, who moved around his house to find the acoustics he wanted for different tracks, the flute solo was recorded in a reverberant bathroom.